Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Leo the Late Bloomer

Our concept this term is 'He waka eke noa - We're all in this together'. We are exploring ways that we can learn with and from each other. We have been doing some work on growth mindset - a never give up attitude.

Our teacher read us the story 'Leo the Late Bloomer'. It is a about a young tiger, named Leo, who doesn't yet know how to read, how to write, how to eat nicely, or how to share his ideas. His father is waiting for him to bloom...but of course Leo does it in his own good time. Patience, persistence and perseverance is the key to learning new things.

We create some 'blooming' flowers in class. The words inside are things we might tell ourselves when things get hard and we feel like giving up. Have a look at our beautiful work!


  1. Hello Room 5!

    I love that you are learning about having a growth mindset! What a great way to think and act! I loved the flowers and all the comments inside them. I think I might need to use some of these comments when I am learning and it gets really hard! Thanks for te fabulous ideas room 5!

    Miss Cairns

  2. Room 5 .... I like the words you used to remind you of what to do when things are hard ... keep trying and NEVER NEVER NEVER give up ... you can do it!!!!!

    Mrs Kelly :)

  3. Hi Room 5, love your work keep up the awesome work xx


  4. What a great story. Leo was a late bloomer, but he got there in the end and was a star!!!

  5. Good job Vaidahi!!! i like your boats very createive!!