Thursday, 16 March 2017

Waka Building Challenge

Today we were working with Room 12, and our teacher read us a story called 'The Most Magnificent Thing'. It was about a girl who wanted to invent something 'magnificent' but every time she tried she failed. She didn't give up though. She learned from her mistakes and ended up with a brilliant invention.

Our teacher wanted us to be inventors and design a boat that would float. We read a big book called 'Floating and Sinking' and went outside to test objects that would float and sink. We think we were being scientists conducting an experiment. We predicted what would happen before we tested the object.

When we came inside our teacher read us a new story called 'Rosie Revere, Engineer'. It was about a young girl who dreamed of becoming an engineer, but hid her dream after she was laughed at. She had one person who cheered her on and encouraged her after her so called 'failures'. We learned that every 'failure' is a learning step and gets us closer to where we want to be.

It was our time to be engineers! We made a plan with our team. We then got given a balloon, some tin foil, 6 straws, a cup, a CD and some sellotape. We could use as much or as little as we wanted. Here we are inventing our boats:

After we had finished making our boats we went outside and tested our designs in water. We think if we did this again we would do even better - just like Rosie Revere! Our teacher loves how all our boats are so different from each other. Have a look at our designs - what do you think?

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