Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you have an amazing holiday break. Looking forward to seeing you back at school next term.

Here are some photos from a day at school when the Easter Bunny showed up! We went on a Easter Egg hunt following clues that the bunny had left us. We ended up finding a basket full of treasure - yummy chocolate easter eggs and an easter pencil for everyone!

Over the holidays it would be great if you kept up with your reading. Here are some challenges you can do at home over the break. Stay safe and see you term 2!

Miss Berry

Monday, 10 April 2017

Equal Schmequal

We have been learning about balance scales in maths. A balance scale acts like a seesaw. A heavier weight pushes down and lifts the lighter side up.

We read the story 'Equal Schmequal' by Virigina Kroll. It is about some animals who are trying to figure out how to get fair teams for tug of war. They use a seesaw to balance out their weights.

We had lots of fun using balance scales at school to find out the weights of different things. We have been using words like 'lighter', 'heavier', 'equal to', and 'balanced'. Our teacher might put more photos up of this later.

Just like a seesaw or balance scale can find equal weights, we have learnt that you can also have balanced numbers. We looked at this problem:

We know that 9 and 1 makes 10. So if there were 3 marbles in the yellow bag, there would need to be 7 marbles in the blue bag to make 10 altogether. That would make the two sides balanced or equal.
We checked using real marbles on our set of balance scales. We were right!

We then made up our own balanced numbers. Have a look at how we did!

This is our first time doing this with numbers. We know we are only going to get better at doing this! Maybe you could do some with us at home! :)

Monday, 3 April 2017

Elmer The Patchwork Elephant

We have read some stories about Elmer. He is a patchwork elephant that looks different to all the other elephants. He rolls in elephant coloured berries to try and get himself to look the same as everyone else, but in the end he realises that being different is a good thing!

We have also been learning about patterns. We made our own patchwork elephant but we had to make ours with a repeating pattern.