Friday, 26 May 2017

Skittles Experiment

We did a skittles experiment last week with Room 6. It were trying to find out what happened to skittles when we added them to water. First we separated the hot coloured skittles and the cool coloured skittles. Next we created a pattern with skittles around the outside edges of a paper. Then we carefully poured enough water into the bowl for it to be touching the skittles. Last we waited and watched....





We found out the the outside coloured shell on the skittles dissolved into the water and made some interesting marbled patterns. We are learning about the word dissolving. We know some other things that dissolve, like raro juice sachets.

Here are some of the patterns we made with our skittles:

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Science Roadshow

Last week we had the science roadshow come to our school. We found it really interesting and loved to try all the different experiments they had set out for us.

What's better than some photos of what we did?

This experiment was a favourite for most of the boys! You pull the lever up, then press it down with as much force as you can. The gas from the air goes through the pipes, and then pushes a ball up into the air! We tried to shoot the ball really high. 

This is Lorenzo testing his reaction times. He had to press a button when the red light crossed directly over the red light.

There was a metal detector that we could use to find solid things made of metal. Here is Manshika pulling a heavy chain up and down over a wheel.

Here is Jay doing is fingerprints by dipping them into an ink pad then pressing them onto paper. Everyones fingerprints looks different. This is Manaia testing which materials are magnetic and which aren't.

Ali Komial is generating power to turn the blue light on by winding the handle. He was using all his strength to make the handle wind really fast!

Fiona is checking out how the matter inside a solid, liquid and gas move about. The pompoms stayed still for a solid, vibrated for a liquid, and bounced all around for a gas. This is Kymani doing races with a heavy metal wheel down the ramp - you were only allowed to give it one push!

 Here is Trisha and Arav checking out the inside of a human body. They were pushing a marble through his intestines! And these girls and picking up different solid materials and seeing how different they weigh.

A cool part of the roadshow was when Fiona was picked during a show to help out. She had to put on a white plastic cover and stand under a bowl of cornflour slime. The interesting thing was the slime didn't come out. It is a solid when you push on it, but acts like a liquid when you pick it up with your fingers. It's called oobleck slime.

Ka'nan was also picked out from the crowd during a show to help the scientist. He had to tip a liquid into a beaker which created a reaction. The scientist said it's a little like toothpaste!

We had a great time at the science roadshow! We can't wait to do even more experiments in class this term and find out more about science!!!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Our balloon experiment.

This week we have been looking at an experiment with baking soda, vinegar and a balloon.

Here are some stories we wrote about it:

Today we did a cool scientific activity. But first we needed vinegar and baking soda and a squishy balloon. Next Miss Berry put baking soda in the balloon. Then Miss Berry put the balloon on the plastic bottle. Then Miss Berry had to move out of the way!

Yesterday our class did an interesting thing. I was so excited to watch Miss Berry put the squishy balloon over the bottle. I thought it was going to pop. But it didn't. I was so shocked too. I liked to watch it. I had so many feelings about that. I thought it was going to pop on my face but it did not pop on my face and Miss Berry had to run away from it. Our class was so so excited to watch but I was more excited than them.

Yesterday our class did an interesting scientific experiment. First Miss Berry showed us a squishy balloon, liquid vinegar and dry baking soda. It reminded me of icing sugar. Next Miss Berry put the dry baking soda in the squishy balloon. The liquid vinegar goes into a plastic see through bottle. Then the balloon with the baking soda went in the bottle and the balloon expanded. It was so excited. Miss Berry ran and covered her head. It was quite funny.

Today our class went outside. We had baking soda and a squishy balloon. Next the balloon started to expand. It was an incredible thing.
Jay Reddy

Solids, Liquids, Gases

We have been learning about the terms solids, liquids and gases. We have been finding out what they are. We did a quick little experiment in class to see how gas creates bubbles.

We blew through straws into water mixed with dish washing liquid. We created lots of bubbles which we learnt is filled with gas! We tried to pick them up...but they often popped. Why is that?

We noticed that when we blew into water without any dish washing liquid the bubbles didn't stay. Our teacher told us that we breathe in a gas called 'oxygen' and we breathe out a gas called 'carbon dioxide'. They are hard words to remember!

Some of us went home and did the experiment at home with our families. Awesome stuff!

We are all scientists on a learning journey.

This term we are learning all about scientists. We are finding out who scientists are, what scientists do, and even conducting some experiments ourselves as scientists!

Last week we did some writing about what we think scientists are. Most of us think scientists mix potions...but we aren't sure why or what they are making. We were wondering if doctors are scientists who mix medicines? Are their some evil scientists that are in some movies we watch? What are chemicals?

We've got lots to find out this term! We are looking forward to going to the science roadshow next week on Thursday! Apparently we are going to be doing lots of different experiments ourselves!!!!!