Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Our balloon experiment.

This week we have been looking at an experiment with baking soda, vinegar and a balloon.

Here are some stories we wrote about it:

Today we did a cool scientific activity. But first we needed vinegar and baking soda and a squishy balloon. Next Miss Berry put baking soda in the balloon. Then Miss Berry put the balloon on the plastic bottle. Then Miss Berry had to move out of the way!

Yesterday our class did an interesting thing. I was so excited to watch Miss Berry put the squishy balloon over the bottle. I thought it was going to pop. But it didn't. I was so shocked too. I liked to watch it. I had so many feelings about that. I thought it was going to pop on my face but it did not pop on my face and Miss Berry had to run away from it. Our class was so so excited to watch but I was more excited than them.

Yesterday our class did an interesting scientific experiment. First Miss Berry showed us a squishy balloon, liquid vinegar and dry baking soda. It reminded me of icing sugar. Next Miss Berry put the dry baking soda in the squishy balloon. The liquid vinegar goes into a plastic see through bottle. Then the balloon with the baking soda went in the bottle and the balloon expanded. It was so excited. Miss Berry ran and covered her head. It was quite funny.

Today our class went outside. We had baking soda and a squishy balloon. Next the balloon started to expand. It was an incredible thing.
Jay Reddy

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  1. Hi room 5,that was an amazing science experament.