Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Moe Show - Recycling

The stinky recycling goes into the recycling bin and the enormous huge truck comes with smelly rubbish inside. The trucks holder looks like some kind of machine, then it holds the recycling bin and puts the rubbish inside it. It takes the rubbish to a gigantic factory full of rubbish outside, and they put rubbish inside it. When they put it inside there is a huge stinky machine full of rubbish. One side goes to paper, and one side glass, and one side bottles. The bottles get heated like lava, and when they’re done heating they are like the sun. After they get cool they make new bottles and put sweet juice or cool water inside. They they put the lids on and sell it to awesome shops.
- Written by Ali Komial

One day there was a man and I saw him put rubbish in the bin so I came and I helped him. I told him why we put rubbish in the bin. So I said “You need to put your rubbish in the bin because the rubbish man makes the rubbish into new things so it does not waster the rubbish.” I see a machine that can sort the rubbish in order. The bottles go where all the hot bottles are. All the papers go in the recycling bin so the earth is happy. We do not want the poor sea animals to get trapped or the earth will be sad so that is why we keep our rubbish in the bin. All the metal gets smashed. All the bottles get smashed into little pieces.
- Written by Trisha

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Our school environment

Today we went on an amazing Aotearoa Toanga hunt on a partly cloudy morning around the school. We were very enthusiastic. Miss Berry told us the rules. “No screaming, no shouting and don’t go on the dangerous teachers’ carpark”. We went in friendly groups. All of us went outside. Our class saw…green lawn grass, we saw a nice beautiful bird, we saw a bug, we saw a gooey icky spider web, and we saw soft dried bark, and hard digging dirt. We went back into our nice warm comfortable class.

Written by Ali Komial